Taco Salad in a jar and Diet Bet

Have you guys ever heard of Diet Bet? It’s essentially a site where you go, you join a group, and bet on yourself to lose weight. They have small pots where you put in $10, $20, $30 or more high stakes pots where you put in $50, $100 or more. Then you loose 4% or 10% of your body weight in a set amount of time. Those who reach the goal split the pot. I have yet to try it, but I’ve really been thinking about it. I really need to lose weight and I think a little monetary incentive will give me a little more initiative.

Recently for lunch I made Taco Salads in a jar for my wife and I. They were super good. The original recipe that I loosely followed calls for turkey meat, but I replaced it with Boca crumbles. I seasoned it with cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, and onion powder. I never measure, just season to taste. I let the ‘meat’ mixture cool while I prepared everything else. I took a large mason jar and poured salsa in the bottom, layered with chopped red bell pepper, sliced cherry tomatoes, LOTS of shredded lettuce, cheese (I didn’t have any vegan cheese on hand, so I just used regular) and vegan sour cream for me, plain greek yogurt for my wife’s. We loved it. I added a little more salsa on the side, because after it was built I didn’t think I had added enough, and while I was eating it at work I was glad I did. Might just do it on the side all together next time. Also, next time I think I’ll add a little corn, and black beans. Maybe even a little rice. All together though it was a super filling, super good lunch. And everyone at my work kept telling me how good it looked.



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